Science Department

The WORLD CLASS Hinkley Science Department is dedicated to ensuring that students learn to think critically and solve problems. We use inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum to ensure that students use their brains to connect in-class learning to real-life experiences. All of our freshmen take Physics to create a solid foundation in fundamental, observable science as well as build mathematical reasoning, computation, and graphing skills. Sophomores take Chemistry, where they learn about the world that is too small to see and make connections between macroscopic and nanoscopic properties of materials as well as using symbols to represent scientific phenomena. Finally, in their Junior and Senior years, our students make the choice between Biology, the study of life, IB Biology or IB Chemistry, or Senior Physics. Graduating seniors are able to explain and represent the world around them in a variety of ways, ask good questions, and design inquiries to answer questions of their own.

In addition, our department sponsors the IB LIGHTS Health Sciences Academy, wherein students take classes in the biomedical sciences as an early preparation for a future career in health professions. Our LIGHTS kids also get to participate in extracurricular activities and field trips to explore their future options.


  • Caitlin Anderson

  • Joshua Apple

  • Shannon Boutwell

  • Adriana Montiel

  • Neslihan Batmaz

  • Sunshine Duex

  • James Gallo

  • Amanda Geater

  • Alice Gerkin

  • Johnathan Harvall

  • Nathan Holton

  • Thomas “TC”Newland

  • Susan Mumford-Hartley

  • Jason Reimer

  • Jennifer Van Gundy


Earth Science; Biology 1

Intro Engineering and Design; Eng/Design/Tech Capstone; Earth Science

Physics 1; MYP Honors Physics; DP Physics SL

Chemistry 1; MYP Honors Chemistry

Chemistry 1

Biology 1; DP Biology HL 1; DP Biology HL 2

Physics 1;Chemistry 1;MYP Honors Chemistry

Physics 1; MYP Honors Physics

Biology 1; DP Biology SL 1

MYP Honors Chemistry; DP Chemistry SL

Biology 1;DP Biology SL 2

Physics 1;MYP Honors Physics

Human Body Systems; Medical Interventions

Principles of Engineering; Physics 1; Energy Resources ; Environment

Principles Biomedical Sciences ;Biomedical Innovation