Mathematics Department

What we teach

The Hinkley Mathematics Department offers the Core Plus Curriculum which is an integrated mathematics program combining Algebra, Algebra 2, and Geometry, over the three year curriculum.  In the upper levels we offer the opportunity to take International Baccalaureate 2 year courses (Math SL – Trig/Pre-calc and then Calculus or Math Studies SL) and CCA level classes Math 099 – Math 121-122.  To be eligible to take the CCA classes students must take the Accuplacer test and have the qualifying score.  That score is determined by CCA and the state of Colorado.  IB students can take CCA classes math 121-122 and then take Math SL Calculus to meet the requirements for the IB diploma.  Our goal is to prepare all students for college level classes without the need of remediation.




Financial Algebra; Calculus I ; College Algebra ;Algebra Lab 

IntegratedAlgGeo2 ;Honors Integ Alg/Geo 2 -MYP ;Hon Integ Alg/Geo/Trig 3 -MYP 

IntegratedAlgGeoTrig3 ;Financial Algebra ;Hon Integ Alg/Geo/Trig 3 -MYP 

IntegratedAlgGeoTrig3 ;Hon Integ Alg/Geo/Trig 3 -MYP ;DP MathAnalysis ;Approaches SL1;DP MathAnalysis ;Approaches SL2

MYP Integrated Alg/Geo 1  

Financial Algebra ;Mathematics for Liberal Arts ;Quant Lab 

MYP Integrated Alg/Geo 1 

MYP Integrated Alg/Geo 1 

IntegratedAlgGeoTrig3 ;DP MathApps ;InterpretationsSL1;DP MathApps ;InterpretationsSL2 

Integrated Alg/Geo 2 -MYP  ;Honors Integ Alg/Geo 2 -MYP 

Integrated Alg/Geo 2 -MYP ;Honors Integ Alg/Geo 2 -MYP 

IntegratedAlgGeoTrig3;IntegratedAlgGeo3;Hon Integ Alg/Geo/Trig 3 -MYP 

Financial Algebra 

Integrated Alg/Geo 2 -MYP;Honors Integ Alg/Geo 2 -MYP 

IntegratedAlgGeo1;Financial Algebra