Social Studies

Social studies Department

9th/ 10th Grade Team

Anastasia Brown Co Department Chair

Co PLT Lead Geography & U.S

Geography, Honors U.S

D’aaron Stewart Co PLT Lead Geography


Sheltered Geography

Jessica Miller Co PLT Lead U.S

Honors Geography

U.S. History

Devi Donavan U.S History


Betsy Jeanotte U.S. History

Sheltered U.S

Alexander Wilkins Geography

11th/ 12th

Rebecca Bolton Co Department Chair

PLT Lead Civics

Civics, Sheltered Civic


Clint Wilson Civics

Ian Wilson CCA U.S.

CCA African American History

CCA Latin American History

Bryan Lindstrom IB History of The Americas

Latin American History African American History

Andrea Keefer DP Psychology HL 1

DP Psychology HL 2

DP Psychology SL


Jennifer Yeater General Psychology