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 National Merit Scholarship

Here is an update on the latest information we have from National Merit regarding last month's NMSQT and options for students wishing to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.
  • National Merit is only allowing students to use this school year's SAT score to apply, and not previous scores from previous years.
  • Students may take an upcoming SAT (including the 'School Day' SAT in April), and mark the code 0085 under the Free Score Report section to send that score to National Merit.  
  • Students will also need the 'Alternate Entry' packet and they can attain these by calling the National Merit cell center at (847)866-5100.
  • Students cannot take the SATmultiple timesthis year and use the best score. 
  • They can choose the Alternate Entry path and choose ONE administration to send their scores. 
  • Once they bubble in the NMSC code, the scores will go to National Merit automatically as soon as they are released and it may be before the student knows their score.   
  • The SAT costs about $50, but low-income students can apply for a waiver.

For more information please see: Ms. Montoya in RM: 1150

(2019/2020 yr)



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