A Flight Above The Rest

Hinkley High School Administration

2019/2020 School Year

MAIN OFFICE: 303-340-1500
Please dial 303-326-2000, then the extension of the person you would like to leave a voicemail
Administration EMAIL  Ext.
Larry Irvin Principal   27401
 Ruth Letofsky - Administrative Assistant rletofsky@aurorak12.org 27401
Assistant Principals    
Julie Stephens jvstephens@aurorak12.org 27422
Jennifer Montoya jlmontoya@aurorak12.org 27450
Emily Nickerson eknickerson@aurorak12.org 27434
Victoria Wyatt vtwyatt@aurorak12.org 27425

Cathy Williamson - AP Administrative Assistant

cswilliamson@aurorak12.org 27463
Rodney Padilla - Director rpadilla@aurorak12.org 27441
Mercedes Garcia- Administrative Assistant mgarcia@aurorak12.org 27433
Student Services    

Anna Bicknase - RJ Coordinator



Patrick Hogarty

9th grade Dean

pdhogarty@aurorak12.org  27417

Chris Gantz

10th grade Student Engagement Advocate




Darin Arnold

11th grade Dean

dsarnold@aurorak12.org 27591

Maria Rodriguez

12th grade Dean

macrodriguez@aurorak12.org 27432
Candy Hernandez - Administrative Assistant chmendoza@aurorak12.org 27415
Anabella Hernandez - Administrative Assistant anhernandez@aurorak12.org 27428