A Flight Above The Rest




ANYONE CAN join a club and get involved, EVERYONE SHOULD join a club and get involved!



At Hinkley we offer a wide variety of clubs and activities to participate in. Some occur before school, some after and some during lunch. Can't find anything you want to do? Then create your own club! Just find 10 students who will join the club with you and a teacher to be the sponsor.

See Mrs. Rogers in the Athletic/Activities office for more information on forming your own club.


 The benefits of participating in extra curricular activities:

  • Learning Time Management and Prioritizing

  • Learning how to make a Long Term Commitments

  • Learning about Making a Contribution

  • Raises Self Esteem / Builds Confidence

  • Building Solid Relationship Skills

  • Looks Great on College Applications

  • Learn how to Work on a Team

  • Provides Outlet for Stress

Do you think extra curricular activities don't matter? They do, especially when you apply for college!
Listen to an admissions counselor on CollegeBoard.org